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Our Product Ranges

We offer high quality derivatives of Galactomannan, Xyloglucan (Guar Gum, Tamarind Kernel Powder) and other Natural Polymers to serve the Following Industries. We are always happy to partner with new companies to develop products to meet their specific needs.

An image of printed Textiles


Textile Printing Thickeners

Our brand name for textile printing thickeners is “Indrez”. The Indrez group of products includes derivatives of galactomannan and xyloglucan, (guar and other high molecular weight polymers including tamarind). All our products are standardized for high quality textile printing. A wide variety of derivatives of guar and tamarind kernel powder are available, as are blends of these derivatives with other natural polymers.


The textile industry uses a wide range of printing thickeners, dependent on the substrate, style and method of printing.Indrez products are suitable for most printing styles (flatbed, rotary screen, roller, and direct digital printing) and most types of dyes. Indrez thickeners can be customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our Marketing and Quality Control teams closely monitor all products, including customized products to ensure they meet our stringent solubility, filtration, and viscosity measures. We also test each batch in our applications laboratory, to ensure it meets our quality parameters.

Indrez products have no reducing effect on dyes and are unaffected by hardness of water used in paste preparation. These products also help provide excellent color penetration and leveling. Additionally these products enable sharp printing without flushing. Indrez products are easily washable, resulting in fabric with a full and soft handle.

An image of cement being laid

Encotech CN

Construction Additives

“Encotech CN” is Encore Natural Polymers Private Limited’s brand for building construction grade Hydroxypropyl ethers of guar and other galactomannans. These products are designed with special chemical and physical properties suitable for applications where high water retention is required.

Encotech CN products function in alkaline solutions without any effect on stability. Their higher degree of molar substitution improves water retention, sag resistance, adjustability, adhesion strength, consistency, setting time, flow properties and leveling properties. They provide excellent results in tile adhesives, cement or gypsum based crack fillers, dry cement based wall putty, ready mix mortar, tile grouts, self leveling flooring compounds, cement or gypsum based plaster and cement paints.

An image of paint in cans

Encotech P

Rheology Modifiers for Water-Based Paints

Our brand name for water based paint additives is “Encotech P”. Products sold under this brand are ethylene oxide or propylene oxide derivatives of galactomannans including guar.

The non-ionic nature of Encotech P products ensure they are highly compatible with other chemical ingredients, additives and preservatives used in water based paints. Surface-treated Encotech P products enhance the dispersibility of powder in cold water allowing lump free solutions. The products also provide pseudo-plastic rheology and excellent water retention properties which improve the processability, brushability and pigment stability. Paints containing Encotech P products have an excellent leveling effect, at a lower cost than those containing Carboxymethyl Cellulose or Hydroxyethyl Cellulose.

An image of cosmeceutical bottles


Cosmeceutical Additives

“Encocat” is our line of cationic guar products. These Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride derivatives of Guar are moderately charged and have low aqueous viscosity. They are marketed primarily to manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products and paper products.

Encocat products provide excellent thickening and conditioning properties to personal care products like shampoos, conditioners, creams, and lotions. They are compatible with a majority of surfactants and common ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care formulations.

Encocat products are also used as flocculants and dry strength additives in paper manufacturing processes. They help improve paper quality by increasing file pulp retention, strength and printability.

an image of an oil well

Encotech FR

Oil Well Drilling and Fracturing

Our products for Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Fracturing are sold under the brand name “Encotech FR”. Encotech FR products include fast hydrating guar and derivatives of guar such as Hydroxypropyl guar and Hydroxypropyl-Carboxymethyl guar.

Encotech FR products prevent water loss from viscous drilling mud and suspended clay particles used in the mud. They help maintain viscosity in the mud and help reduce friction in the holes, thus minimizing power consumption. Regulated viscosity of the mud solution also stabilizes and regulates flow properties of drilling fluids. These products are used in flocculation of clay used in drilling fluids, as thermal viscosity stabilizers for non-clay bore well fluids and as thickening agents in drilling mud and fluids.

Encotech FR products are manufactured with a dual focus on quality and customer specific requirements resulting in uniform large-scale production.

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