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Encotech P

Rheology Modifiers for Water-Based Paints

Our brand name for water based paint additives is “Encotech P”. Products sold under this brand are ethylene oxide or propylene oxide derivatives of galactomannans including guar.

The non-ionic nature of Encotech P products ensure they are highly compatible with other chemical ingredients, additives and preservatives used in water based paints. Surface-treated Encotech P products enhance the dispersibility of powder in cold water allowing lump free solutions. The products also provide pseudo-plastic rheology and excellent water retention properties which improve the processability, brushability and pigment stability. Paints containing Encotech P products have an excellent leveling effect, at a lower cost than those containing Carboxymethyl Cellulose or Hydroxyethyl Cellulose.

Encotech P Products

Encotech PS 30148

Hydroxy Propyl Guar (HPG) that replaces HEC as a rheology modifier in Water Based Paints. Especially suited for use in Textured Paints. Contact us for additional information on formulation.

Encotech PS 21198

A dual derivative of guar, which is stable at High pH and is compatible with most neutralizing amines. Can replace both CMC and HEC in Water-Based Paints, and Acrylic Wall Putty.

Encotech PS 21198 XG

A blend of derivatized Natural Polymers that provides better viscosity and stability to the water-based coatings.

Encotech PXA

Dispersible modified Xanthan Gum that can be added with Encotech PS products to improve the thixotropic nature of water based paints.