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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries do you ship to?

We have customers domestically in India, and in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, U.S.A., and Brazil. We do have an IEC code, and can ship to most countries in the world.

What’s the minimum order amount?

Minimum order quantities per product range from 2 Metric Tonnes to 5 Metric Tonnes, depending on the product. However, keeping in mind packaging and shipping costs, we recommend Export orders are not below 5 Metric Tonnes.

Does your product quality differ based on the location of your customer?

Our customers are our friends and partners, first and foremost. Business with them is secondary. We do not ever differentiate among our customers in terms of quality. We always strive to provide the best possible quality to every customer, and in many cases will not compromise on quality in order to reduce the cost of the goods. We would rather forego the sale than spoil our relationship with our customer.
Our Indrez products in the domestic market do have different nomenclature, however the product remains the same.

Do you offer customized products?

Yes, we do customized products based on customer specifications. However, higher minimum order quantities apply in the case of customized products. Contact us by email or phone to discuss customization of products.

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